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Unlocking the locked LINE OA account

Hello, this article is for helping anyone who encountered "Functions for this account are currently locked".
As far as we know this is a sign when LINE suspected your account for spamming and the status of your account is on hold / temporary locked.

According to our policy here : 
Our program is only for automating the chat process and nothing harmful if you use it on reasonable speed (Not to fast or spammy).
We cannot help you to unlock the account instantly or directly but we will try to suggest you to request for unlocking to the LINE team.

First, you need to go to
And then fill all the fields with your account data and set the device to "PC", Service to "LINE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT",Category to "Login" and details to "other problem". after that fill in your issue and said in your own language that why your account is locked and what is the solution (More detail and long writing is good)

After that, please wait around 1-7 days until LINE responded and please that you must purchase the LINE pro package to unlock the account. the cheapest plan is enough as long as you purchased one of them and your account will be unlocked. 

After this situation, its risky to use LARIS again on that account because its sending message fast that they will say it is a spam but its not if you use it normally with reasonable delay. You can still use LARIS but we recommend you to use it on another / new LINE OA account and please use the delay system in LARIS to prevent being locked again. 

Becareful next time and hopefully this will help you.